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OpenMesh::IO::Options Class Reference

Set options for reader/writer modules. More...

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Core/IO/Options.hh>

Public Types

enum  Flag {
  Default = 0x0000, Binary = 0x0001, MSB = 0x0002, LSB = 0x0004,
  Swap = 0x0008, VertexNormal = 0x0010, VertexColor = 0x0020, VertexTexCoord = 0x0040,
  EdgeColor = 0x0080, FaceNormal = 0x0100, FaceColor = 0x0200, FaceTexCoord = 0x0400,
  ColorAlpha = 0x0800, ColorFloat = 0x1000, Custom = 0x2000
typedef int enum_type
typedef enum_type value_type

Public Member Functions

 Options ()
 Default constructor.
 Options (const Options &_opt)
 Copy constructor.
 Options (Flag _flg)
 Initializing constructor setting a single option.
 Options (const value_type _flgs)
 Initializing constructor setting multiple options.
void cleanup (void)
 Restore state after default constructor.
void clear (void)
 Clear all bits.
bool is_empty (void) const
 Returns true if all bits are zero.
bool check (const value_type _rhs) const
bool is_binary () const
bool vertex_has_normal () const
bool vertex_has_color () const
bool vertex_has_texcoord () const
bool edge_has_color () const
bool face_has_normal () const
bool face_has_color () const
bool face_has_texcoord () const
bool color_has_alpha () const
bool color_is_float () const
bool operator== (const value_type _rhs) const
 Returns true if _rhs has the same options enabled.
bool operator!= (const value_type _rhs) const
 Returns true if _rhs does not have the same options enabled.
 operator value_type () const
 Returns the option set.
Optionsoperator= (const Options &_rhs)
 Copy options defined in _rhs.
Optionsoperator= (const value_type _rhs)
 Copy options defined in _rhs.
Optionsoperator-= (const value_type _rhs)
 Unset options defined in _rhs.
Optionsunset (const value_type _rhs)
 Unset options defined in _rhs.
Optionsoperator+= (const value_type _rhs)
 Set options defined in _rhs.
Optionsset (const value_type _rhs)
 Set options defined in _rhs.

Private Member Functions

bool operator&& (const value_type _rhs) const

Private Attributes

value_type flags_

Detailed Description

Set options for reader/writer modules.

The class is used in a twofold way.

  1. In combination with reader modules the class is used
    • to pass hints to the reading module, whether the input is binary and what byte ordering the binary data has
    • to retrieve information about the file contents after succesful reading.
  2. In combination with write modules the class gives directions to the writer module, whether to
    • use binary mode or not and what byte order to use
    • store one of the standard properties.

The option are defined in Options::Flag as bit values and stored in an int value as a bitset.

Definition at line 95 of file Options.hh.

Member Enumeration Documentation

Definitions of Options for reading and writing. The options can be or'ed.


No options.


Set binary mode for r/w.


Assume big endian byte ordering.


Assume little endian byte ordering.


Swap byte order in binary mode.


Has (r) / store (w) vertex normals.


Has (r) / store (w) vertex colors.


Has (r) / store (w) texture coordinates.


Has (r) / store (w) edge colors.


Has (r) / store (w) face normals.


Has (r) / store (w) face colors.


Has (r) / store (w) face texture coordinates.


Has (r) / store (w) alpha values for colors.


Has (r) / store (w) float values for colors (currently only implemented for PLY and OFF files)


Has (r) custom properties (currently only implemented in PLY Reader ASCII version)

Definition at line 103 of file Options.hh.

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