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OptionsInterface Class Referenceabstract

Options Dialog interface. More...

#include <OpenFlipper/BasePlugin/OptionsInterface.hh>

Inheritance diagram for OptionsInterface:
BackupPlugin ColorPlugin MeshObjectSelectionPlugin RulerPlugin TypePolyhedralMeshPlugin

Public Member Functions

virtual ~OptionsInterface ()
virtual bool initializeOptionsWidget (QWidget *&_widget)=0
 Initialize the Options Widget. More...
virtual void applyOptions ()=0
 Apply changes to options. More...

Detailed Description

Options Dialog interface.

Detailed description
This interface can be used to by plugins to add their own widget to OpenFlippers Options Dialog.

Definition at line 74 of file OptionsInterface.hh.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void OptionsInterface::applyOptions ( )
pure virtual

Apply changes to options.

Called, when the user hits the apply/ok button in the options window of Openflipper.
use this slot to save the values of options currently entered in your options widget.

virtual bool OptionsInterface::initializeOptionsWidget ( QWidget *&  _widget)
pure virtual

Initialize the Options Widget.

Initialize the options widget (create a widget and return a pointer to it )

Example :
_widget = new QWidget();

In the widget you can add anything you want.

use the slot applyOptions() to save the values of options currently entered in your widget.

_widgetPointer to the new Widget
Return true if a widget has been created

Implemented in MeshObjectSelectionPlugin, ColorPlugin, TypePolyhedralMeshPlugin, and RulerPlugin.

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