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OptionsWidget Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OptionsWidget:


void applyOptions ()
void saveOptions ()
void addKeyMapping (int _key, Qt::KeyboardModifiers _modifiers, QObject *_plugin, int _keyBindingID)

Public Member Functions

 OptionsWidget (std::vector< PluginInfo > &_plugins, std::vector< KeyBinding > &_core, InverseKeyMap &_invKeys, QWidget *parent=0)

Protected Member Functions

void showEvent (QShowEvent *event)

Private Types


Private Slots

void slotOk ()
 call slotApply and hide widget
void slotApply ()
 Update Options and tell others about changed Options.
void slotCancel ()
 Only hide widget.
void slotCheckUpdates ()
 Checks for updates.
void slotGetUpdates ()
 Download updates.
void getBackgroundColor ()
 open a dialog to determine the color
void getDefaultColor ()
void keyTreeItemChanged (QTreeWidgetItem *current, QTreeWidgetItem *previous)
 keyBinding TreeWidget-Item changed More...
void keyTreeDoubleClicked (QTreeWidgetItem *_item, int col)
 doubleclick in the keyTree
void updateShortcut ()
 check if the shortcut exists and add it if not
void slotShowPluginOptions (const QString &_pluginName)
void restoreKeyPresets ()
 restore keyBinding Presets
void updateViewerSettings (int _row)
 update the dialog if the selected viewer changes
void viewerSettingsChanged (QListWidgetItem *_item)
 remember user changes to viewer properties
void viewerSettingsChanged (int _index)
void switchStackedWidget ()
 Switch between the stacked widgets of the stereo settings.
void slotPreviewStereoSettings (int _tmpParam=0)
void slotClearSettings ()
 Clear all OpenFlipper settings.
void slotClearINI ()
 Clear OpenFlipper INI.
void slotReloadShaders ()
 Clear the Shader Cache.
void httpRequestFinished (QNetworkReply *_qnr)
void updateDataReadProgress (qint64 _bytesReceived, qint64 _bytesTotal)
void showError (QNetworkReply::NetworkError _error)
 error occured while downloading
void cancelDownload ()
void updateComponent ()
void slotTranslationIndexChanged (int)
void authentication (QNetworkReply *_reply, QAuthenticator *_authenticator)

Private Member Functions

void initPluginOptions ()
int getPluginInfo (QString pluginName)
 get the pluginInfo object corresponding to the given pluginName
void initKeyTree ()
 init the TreeWidget containing the keyBindings
void applyShortcuts ()
 check which of the shortcuts changed and inform the core about the change
void startDownload (QString _url)
 Starts the download of the given file.
void compareVersions ()
 Compares the versions from the downloaded Versions file with the current versions.
bool isNewer (QString _current, QString _latest)
 Compares two version strings and returns if a newer Version is available.
void updateVersionsTable ()
 Redraws the version table.

Private Attributes

QVBoxLayout * pluginOptionsLayout
std::vector< PluginInfo > & plugins_
std::vector< KeyBinding > & coreKeys_
InverseKeyMap & keys_
bool httpRequestAborted
QNetworkAccessManager * networkMan_
QNetworkReply * downloadRep_
QFile * file
QProgressDialog * progressDialog_
enum OptionsWidget::DOWNLOAD downloadType
< ACG::SceneGraph::DrawModes::DrawMode
std::vector< bool > defaultProjectionMode_
std::vector< int > defaultViewingDirections_
std::vector< bool > defaultRotationLocks_
bool updatingViewerSettings_
QColor backgroundColor_
QStringList updatedPlugins_
QString pluginPath_
QString currentUpdateName_
bool restartRequired_
bool exitOnClose_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 76 of file optionsWidget.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void OptionsWidget::keyTreeItemChanged ( QTreeWidgetItem *  current,
QTreeWidgetItem *  previous 

keyBinding TreeWidget-Item changed

user selects a different item in the tree

Definition at line 75 of file

void OptionsWidget::slotPreviewStereoSettings ( int  _tmpParam = 0)

This function is called to update stereo settings for real-time preview Note: The parameter only makes sure that the signals can be connected to this slot.

Definition at line 926 of file

Member Data Documentation

QString OptionsWidget::currentUpdateName_

Current filename of the plugin to be updated

Definition at line 248 of file optionsWidget.hh.

QString OptionsWidget::pluginPath_

Here the architecture specific path for plugins will be created

Definition at line 244 of file optionsWidget.hh.

bool OptionsWidget::restartRequired_

Used to track whether another language has been selected

Definition at line 252 of file optionsWidget.hh.

QStringList OptionsWidget::updatedPlugins_

After checking for updates this variable will contain a list of filenames for which updates are available

Definition at line 240 of file optionsWidget.hh.

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