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ACG::PoissonBlurFilter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 PoissonBlurFilter (float _radius, float _sampleDistance, int _numTries=30)
virtual ~PoissonBlurFilter ()
 Class destructor.
bool execute (GLuint _srcTex, float _kernelScale=1.0f)
float radius () const
int numSamples () const
 number of samples
float sampleDistance () const
 min distance between two samples
int numTries () const
 number of iterations per sample
const std::vector< ACG::Vec2f > & samples () const
 disk sample offsets
void dumpSamples (const char *_filename)
 dump samples as point cloud in obj format
void plotSamples (QImage *_image)
 plot samples on qt image

Private Attributes

float radius_
float sampleDistance_
int numTries_
std::vector< ACG::Vec2fsamples_
std::vector< ACG::Vec2fsamplesScaled_
QStringList macros_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 357 of file FilterKernels.hh.

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