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PostProcessorDialog Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PostProcessorDialog:

Public Slots

void refresh ()
 refreshes the content of the dialog with current examiner


void updateExaminer (unsigned _viewer)
 request an update for an specified viewer

Public Member Functions

 PostProcessorDialog (QWidget *_parent=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static QStringList getSavedPostProcessorNames (const unsigned _examiner)
 return the names of all saved post processors
static void loadSavedPostProcessors (const unsigned _examiner)
 append all saved post processors

Protected Member Functions

void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *_event)
void showEvent (QShowEvent *)

Private Slots

void slotContextMenuActivate (const QPoint &_point)
 Show the custom context menu for activation.
void slotContextMenuDeactivate (const QPoint &_point)
 Show the custom context menu for deactivation.
void slotActivatePostProcessor ()
 Activates the post processor (triggered via the context menu)
void slotDeactivatePostProcessor ()
 Deactivates the current postProcessor.
void slotMovePostProcessor (unsigned _from, unsigned _to)
 Move the position/ordering of postprocessor in the postprocessor.
void slotMoveUp ()
 move the selected active postprocessor 1 up
void slotMoveDown ()
 move the selected active postprocessor 1 down
void slotSaveActive ()
 saves active post processor chain

Private Member Functions

void initWindow ()
 initiaize the window with the post processors of the current examiner
QFrame * createFrame (const PostProcessorInfo &_pPI)

Private Attributes

unsigned currentExaminer_
 holds the examiner id for the window
std::vector< unsigned > activeRowToRow_
 maps activeRow from activeList (same as chainIdx from RendererInfo) to row from list (same as activeId from RendererInfo) for each viewer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 61 of file postProcessorWidget.hh.

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