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PreloadAggregator Class Reference

Public Member Functions

void expectLoaders (int count)
void loaderReady (QPluginLoader *loader)
QPluginLoader * waitForNextLoader ()

Protected Attributes

std::deque< QPluginLoader * > loaders_
QWaitCondition pluginAvailable_
QMutex loadersMutex_
int expectedLoaders_

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

void PreloadAggregator::expectLoaders ( int  count)

Intended to be called by a PreloadThread before count subsequent calls to loaderReady(). May be called multiple times in which case the counts accumulate.

countThe number of times the calling PreloadThread intents to call loaderReady().

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void PreloadAggregator::loaderReady ( QPluginLoader *  loader)

Intended to be called by a PreloadThread.

Transfers ownership of the supplied loader to the PreloadAggregator.

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QPluginLoader* PreloadAggregator::waitForNextLoader ( )

If there are still loaders expected, block until the next loader becomes available and return it.

Ownership of the returned object is transferred to the caller. (I.e. the caller has to delete it.)

Null if there are no more loaders expected. The next loader, otherwise.

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