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PropertyInfo Class Reference

Cellection of information about a property. More...

#include <Plugin-PropertyVis/Utils.hh>

Public Types

  EF_ANY = 0xFF, EF_FACE = 0x01, EF_EDGE = 0x02, EF_HALFEDGE = 0x04,
  EF_VERTEX = 0x08, EF_HALFFACE = 0x10, EF_CELL = 0x20

Public Member Functions

 PropertyInfo (const std::string &propName, const TypeInfoWrapper &typeinfo, ENTITY_FILTER entity)
QString toString () const
bool operator== (const PropertyInfo &rhs) const
bool operator< (const PropertyInfo &rhs) const
bool isCellProp () const
bool isFaceProp () const
bool isHalffaceProp () const
bool isEdgeProp () const
bool isHalfedgeProp () const
bool isVertexProp () const
const std::string & propName () const
const char * friendlyTypeName () const
const TypeInfoWrappertypeinfo () const
ENTITY_FILTER entityType () const

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * entity2str (ENTITY_FILTER entity)
 Returns a symbol representation for an entity.

Private Attributes

std::string propName_
TypeInfoWrapper typeinfo_

Detailed Description

Cellection of information about a property.

This class combines all the interesting information about a property. It stores the entity type (Vertex, Edge, ...), the properties name and its type.

Definition at line 115 of file Utils.hh.

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