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ACG::QtColorTranslator Class Reference

#include <ACG/QtWidgets/QtColorTranslator.hh>

Public Member Functions

 QtColorTranslator ()
 Default constructor.
 QtColorTranslator (QGLContext &_context)
 construct with QGLcontext
 ~QtColorTranslator ()
void initialize ()
 init (takes current QGLcontext)
void initialize (QGLContext &_context)
 init with given QGLcontext
bool initialized () const
 has it been initialized?
bool index2color (unsigned int _idx, QRgb &_col) const
 index -> color (one buffer)
bool index2color (unsigned int _idx, QRgb &_frontColor, QRgb &_backColor) const
 index -> color (two buffers)
int color2index (QRgb _c) const
 color -> index (one buffer)
int color2index (QRgb _frontColor, QRgb _backColor) const
 color -> index (two buffers)
unsigned int maxIndex () const
 returns max convertable index (using ONE buffer)

Private Attributes

bool initialized_
GLint redBits_
GLint greenBits_
GLint blueBits_
GLuint redMask_
GLuint greenMask_
GLuint blueMask_
GLuint redShift_
GLuint greenShift_
GLuint blueShift_
GLuint redRound_
GLuint greenRound_
GLuint blueRound_

Detailed Description

This class translates index <-> RGB color.

The QtColorTranslator is attached to a QGLContext and translates index to color and vice versa. If the RGB bits of one buffer are not sufficient, both front and back buffer can be used.

Definition at line 86 of file QtColorTranslator.hh.

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