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ACG::QtWidgets::QtFlapBox Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ACG::QtWidgets::QtFlapBox:


struct  Flap


void sizeHintChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 QtFlapBox (QWidget *_parent=0, Qt::WindowFlags _f=0)
int addItem (QWidget *_widget, const QIcon &_icon, const QString &_text)
int addItem (QWidget *_widget, const QString &_text)
int count () const
int indexOf (QWidget *_widget) const
int insertItem (int _index, QWidget *_widget, const QIcon &_icon, const QString &_text)
int insertItem (int _index, QWidget *_widget, const QString &_text)
bool isItemEnabled (int _index) const
QIcon itemIcon (int _index) const
QString itemText (int _index) const
QString itemToolTip (int _index) const
void removeItem (int _index)
void setItemEnabled (int _index, bool _enabled)
void setItemIcon (int _index, const QIcon &_icon)
void setItemText (int _index, const QString &_text)
void setItemToolTip (int _index, const QString &_toolTip)
QWidget * widget (int _index) const
bool isItemHidden (int _index) const
void setItemHidden (int _index, bool _hidden)
virtual QSize sizeHint () const
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *_event)

Private Types

typedef QList< FlapFlapList

Private Slots

void buttonClicked ()
void widgetDestroyed (QObject *)

Private Member Functions

Flapflap (QWidget *_widget) const
const Flapflap (int _index) const
Flapflap (int _index)
void updateFlaps ()
void relayout ()

Private Attributes

FlapList flapList
QVBoxLayout * boxlayout
QWidget * container

Detailed Description

Definition at line 79 of file QtFlapBox.hh.

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