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ACG::QtLasso Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ACG::QtLasso:

Public Types

enum  SelectionMode { NewSelection, AddToSelection, DelFromSelection }

Public Slots

void slotMouseEvent (QMouseEvent *_event)


void signalLassoSelection (ACG::QtLasso::SelectionMode)

Public Member Functions

 QtLasso (GLState &_glstate)
void reset ()
bool is_active () const
bool is_vertex_selected (const Vec3d &_v)

Private Member Functions

 QtLasso (const QtLasso &_rhs)
QtLassooperator= (const QtLasso &_rhs)
void create_mask ()
void free_mask ()

Private Attributes

Vec2i first_point_
Vec2i last_point_
Vec2i rubberband_point_
unsigned char * mask_
unsigned int mask_width_
unsigned int mask_height_
bool is_active_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 86 of file QtLasso.hh.

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