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ACG::QtWidgets::QtMaterialDialog Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ACG::QtWidgets::QtMaterialDialog:


void signalNodeChanged (ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode *_node)

Public Member Functions

 QtMaterialDialog (QWidget *_parent, SceneGraph::MaterialNode *_node)

Private Slots

void changeBaseColor (QColor _newColor)
void changeAmbientColor (QColor _newColor)
void changeDiffuseColor (QColor _newColor)
void changeSpecularColor (QColor _newColor)
void changeOverlayColor (QColor _newColor)
void changeShine (int _new)
void changePointSize (double _new)
void changeLineWidth (double _new)
void changeRoundPoints (bool _b)
void changeLineSmooth (bool _b)
void changeBackfaceCulling (bool _b)
void changeAlphaTest (bool _b)
void changeAlphaValue (int _new)
void changeBlending (bool _b)
void changeBlendingParam1 (const QString &_name)
void changeBlendingParam2 (const QString &_name)
void changeColorMaterial (bool _b)
void changeMultiSampling (bool _b)
void changeActive (bool toggle)
void enableProperty ()
void enableProperty (int i)
void enableProperty (double d)
QString paramToStr (GLenum param)
void applyChanges ()
void undoChanges ()
void reject ()

Private Member Functions

QColor convertColor (Vec4f _color)
Vec4f convertColor (QColor _color)
void setButtonColor (QtColorChooserButton *_button, const Vec4f &_color)

Private Attributes

unsigned int applyProperties_
Vec4f color_
Vec4f bak_color_
Vec4f ambient_
Vec4f bak_ambient_
Vec4f diffuse_
Vec4f bak_diffuse_
Vec4f specular_
Vec4f bak_specular_
Vec4f overlay_
Vec4f bak_overlay_
float shine_
float bak_shine_
float point_size_
float bak_point_size_
float line_width_
float bak_line_width_
bool round_points_
bool bak_round_points_
bool line_smooth_
bool bak_line_smooth_
bool backfaceCulling_
bool bak_backfaceCulling_
bool alphaTest_
bool bak_alphaTest_
float alphaValue_
float bak_alphaValue_
bool blending_
bool bak_blending_
GLenum blendParam1_
GLenum bak_blendParam1_
GLenum blendParam2_
GLenum bak_blendParam2_
bool colorMaterial_
bool bak_colorMaterial_
bool multiSampling_
bool bak_multiSampling_
bool baseColorActive_
bool bak_baseColorActive_
bool materialActive_
bool bak_materialActive_
bool pointSizeActive_
bool bak_pointSizeActive_
bool lineWidthActive_
bool bak_lineWidthActive_
bool roundPointsActive_
bool bak_roundPointsActive_
bool lineSmoothActive_
bool bak_lineSmoothActive_
bool alphaTestActive_
bool bak_alphaTestActive_
bool blendingActive_
bool bak_blendingActive_
bool backfaceCullingActive_
bool bak_backfaceCullingActive_
bool colorMaterialActive_
bool bak_colorMaterialActive_
bool multiSamplingActive_
bool bak_multiSamplingActive_
Ui::QtMaterialDialogUi ui_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file QtMaterialDialog.hh.

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