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QtMultiViewLayout Class Reference

#include <OpenFlipper/widgets/glWidget/QtMultiViewLayout.hh>

Inheritance diagram for QtMultiViewLayout:

Public Types

enum  MultiViewMode { SingleView, DoubleView, Grid, HSplit }
 MultiView display modes.

Public Member Functions

 QtMultiViewLayout (QGraphicsLayoutItem *_parent=0)
void addItem (QGraphicsWidget *_item, unsigned int _pos)
 Adds Widget to Layout.
void setMode (MultiViewMode _mode)
 Sets layout mode.
MultiViewMode mode () const
 Retruns current layout modes.
void setSpacing (unsigned int _s)
 Sets space between items.
void setPrimary (unsigned int _i)
 Sets primary element for SingleView and HSplit.
virtual int count () const
 Pure virtual functions that have to be implemented.
virtual QGraphicsLayoutItem * itemAt (int _i) const
virtual void removeAt (int _index)
virtual QSizeF sizeHint (Qt::SizeHint _which, const QSizeF &_constraint=QSizeF()) const
virtual void setGeometry (const QRectF &rect)
 Tracks geometry changes.

Private Member Functions

void reLayout ()
 Recalculate layout.

Private Attributes

MultiViewMode mode_
 current modes
unsigned int spacing_
QGraphicsWidget * items_ [4]
unsigned int primary_
 Primary element.

Detailed Description

Graphics scene layout for multi view.

Definition at line 74 of file QtMultiViewLayout.hh.

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