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ACG::QuaternionT< Scalar > Class Template Reference

#include <ACG/Math/QuaternionT.hh>

Inheritance diagram for ACG::QuaternionT< Scalar >:
OpenMesh::VectorT< Scalar, DIM >

Public Types

typedef VectorT< Scalar, 4 > Base
typedef QuaternionT< Scalar > Quaternion
typedef VectorT< Scalar, 3 > Vec3
typedef VectorT< Scalar, 4 > Vec4
typedef Matrix4x4T< Scalar > Matrix

Public Member Functions

 QuaternionT (Scalar _w=1.0, Scalar _x=0.0, Scalar _y=0.0, Scalar _z=0.0)
 construct from 4 Scalars (default)
 QuaternionT (const Vec3 &_p)
 construct from 3D point (pure imaginary quaternion)
 QuaternionT (const Vec4 &_p)
 construct from 4D vector
 QuaternionT (Vec3 _axis, Scalar _angle)
 construct from rotation axis and angle (in radians)
template<class MatrixT >
 QuaternionT (const MatrixT &_rot)
 construct from rotation matrix (only valid for rotation matrices!)
void identity ()
 identity rotation
Quaternion conjugate () const
 conjugate quaternion
Quaternion invert () const
 invert quaternion
Quaternion operator* (const Quaternion &_q) const
 quaternion * quaternion
Quaternionoperator*= (const Quaternion &_q)
 quaternion *= quaternion
template<class Vec3T >
Vec3T rotate (const Vec3T &_v) const
 rotate vector
void axis_angle (Vec3 &_axis, Scalar &_angle) const
 get rotation axis and angle (only valid for unit quaternions!)
Matrix rotation_matrix () const
 cast to rotation matrix
Matrix right_mult_matrix () const
 get matrix for mult from right (p*q = Qp)
Matrix left_mult_matrix () const
 get matrix for mult from left (q*p = Qp)
template<class MatrixT >
void init_from_matrix (const MatrixT &_rot)
 get quaternion from rotation matrix
Quaternion exponential () const
 quaternion exponential (for unit quaternions)
Quaternion logarithm () const
 quaternion logarithm (for unit quaternions)
void print_info ()

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

template<class Scalar>
class ACG::QuaternionT< Scalar >

Quaternion class for representing rotations.

Definition at line 81 of file QuaternionT.hh.

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