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ACG::SceneGraph::SelectionNodeT< Mesh > Class Template Reference

#include <ACG/Scenegraph/StatusNodesT.hh>

Inheritance diagram for ACG::SceneGraph::SelectionNodeT< Mesh >:
ACG::SceneGraph::StatusNodeT< Mesh, SelectionModT< Mesh > > ACG::SceneGraph::StatusNodeBaseT< Mesh, SelectionModT< Mesh >,::StatusNodes_ModTraits< SelectionModT< Mesh > >::StaticUsage >

Public Member Functions

 SelectionNodeT (const Mesh &_mesh, BaseNode *_parent=0, const std::string &_name="<SelectionNode>")
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACG::SceneGraph::StatusNodeT< Mesh, SelectionModT< Mesh > >
 StatusNodeT (const Mesh &_mesh, BaseNode *_parent=0, const std::string &_name="<StatusNode>")
virtual ~StatusNodeT ()
void updateGeometry ()
 set geometry invalid, topology and selection is kept
void updateTopology ()
 set topology invalid (updates everything)
void updateSelection ()
 set selection invalid (Only selection changed, rest is kept)
void setDrawMesh (DrawMeshT< Mesh > *_drawmesh)
 Set drawmesh. More...
void getRenderObjects (IRenderer *_renderer, GLState &_state, const DrawModes::DrawMode &_drawMode, const class Material *_mat)
 support for shader-pipeline More...
DrawModes::DrawMode availableDrawModes () const
void boundingBox (Vec3d &_bbMin, Vec3d &_bbMax)
void draw (GLState &_state, const DrawModes::DrawMode &_drawMode)
void pick (GLState &, PickTarget)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ACG::SceneGraph::StatusNodeT< Mesh, SelectionModT< Mesh > >
typedef StatusNodeBaseT< Mesh,
SelectionModT< Mesh >
< SelectionModT< Mesh >
>::StaticUsage > 
typedef SelectionModT< MeshModType

Detailed Description

template<class Mesh>
class ACG::SceneGraph::SelectionNodeT< Mesh >

Renders the Selection status of Mesh Vertices/Faces/Edges

Definition at line 342 of file StatusNodesT.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Mesh>
ACG::SceneGraph::SelectionNodeT< Mesh >::SelectionNodeT ( const Mesh _mesh,
BaseNode _parent = 0,
const std::string &  _name = "<SelectionNode>" 


_meshreference to mesh with status property
_parentParent node in the scenegraph
_nameName of the Node

Definition at line 352 of file StatusNodesT.hh.

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