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ACG::ShaderGenDesc Class Reference


struct  TextureType

Public Member Functions

QString toString () const
 convert ShaderGenDesc to string format for debugging
const std::map< size_t,
TextureType > & 
textureTypes () const
void addTextureType (GLenum _type, bool _shadow, size_t _stage)
 adds a texture type to the shader and enables texturing. More...
void clearTextures ()
 disables texture support and removes all texture types
bool textured () const
void enableTexGenObjectLinear (int _dim=2)
void enableTexGenEyeLinear (int _dim=2)
void enableTexGenSphericalMap (int _dim=2)
void enableTexGenNormalMap (int _dim=3)
void enableTexGenReflectionMap (int _dim=3)
void disableTexGen ()
bool operator== (const ShaderGenDesc &_rhs) const

Public Attributes

int version
int numLights
ShaderGenLightType lightTypes [SG_MAX_SHADER_LIGHTS]
ShaderGenShadeMode shadeMode
bool vertexColors
QString vertexTemplateFile
QString tessControlTemplateFile
QString tessEvaluationTemplateFile
QString geometryTemplateFile
QString fragmentTemplateFile
QStringList macros
bool normalizeTexColors
 Defines if the textureVariable is normalized or not, if multiple textures are used.
QString vertexColorsInterpolator
 interpolation qualifier for input vertex colors: "flat", "smooth", "noperspective"
GLenum colorMaterialMode
int texGenDim
GLenum texGenMode
bool texGenPerFragment

Private Attributes

std::map< size_t, TextureTypetextureTypes_
 holds the texture types (second) and the stage id (first). if empty, shader does not support textures

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file ShaderGenerator.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void ACG::ShaderGenDesc::addTextureType ( GLenum  _type,
bool  _shadow,
size_t  _stage 

adds a texture type to the shader and enables texturing.

Definition at line 191 of file ShaderGenerator.hh.

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