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SimpleViewer Class Reference

#include <OpenFlipper/widgets/glWidget/simpleViewer.hh>

Inheritance diagram for SimpleViewer:

Public Member Functions

 SimpleViewer (QWidget *_parent=NULL, bool useDefaultSceneGraph=true)
 ~SimpleViewer ()
Viewer::ViewerPropertiesproperties ()
 Viewer properties.
glViewerviewer ()
void setSceneGraph (ACG::SceneGraph::BaseNode *rootNode)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *_event)

Private Slots

void setActionMode (const Viewer::ActionMode _am)
void getActionMode (Viewer::ActionMode &_am)
void getPickMode (std::string &_name)

Private Member Functions

void initialize (const QGLFormat &_format, QGLWidget *_shareWidget=NULL, bool useDefaultSceneGraph=true)

Private Attributes

QGLWidget * glWidget_
Viewer::ViewerProperties props_
Viewer::ActionMode actionMode_

Detailed Description

Simple scene graph viewer. Plugins can use this class to display the scenegraph in own widgets. SimpleViewer acts as a bridge between the normal Qt widget system and the QtGraphicsWidget based glViewer (OpenFlipper/widgets/glWidget/QtBaseViewer.hh).

Definition at line 85 of file simpleViewer.hh.

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