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SplatCloud::SplatPropertyInterface Class Referenceabstract

#include <ObjectTypes/SplatCloud/SplatCloud/SplatCloud.hh>

Inheritance diagram for SplatCloud::SplatPropertyInterface:
SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< T > SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< Index > SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< OpenMesh::VectorT > SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< Pointsize > SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< Selection > SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< Viewlist >

Public Member Functions

virtual size_t sizeOf () const =0
 Get the size of type.
virtual const std::type_info & typeId () const =0
 Get the runtime type information.

Private Member Functions

virtual ~SplatPropertyInterface ()
virtual SplatPropertyInterfaceclone () const =0
 Return a deep copy of this.
virtual void clear ()=0
 Clear the data vector.
virtual void pushback ()=0
 Add one element at the end of the data vector.
virtual void resize (unsigned int _num)=0
 Resize the data vector.
virtual void crop (const std::vector< int > &_indices)=0
 Keep only the elements with given indices in the data vector. The indices have to be valid, sorted and unique.
void operator= (const SplatPropertyInterface &)
 Disallow the assign operator. (private and not implemented)


class SplatCloud
 Let class SplatCloud access methods like clone().

Detailed Description

Interface for all splat-properties

Definition at line 214 of file SplatCloud.hh.

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