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SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< T > Class Template Reference

#include <ObjectTypes/SplatCloud/SplatCloud/SplatCloud.hh>

Inheritance diagram for SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< T >:

Public Types

typedef T Value
 Value type.
typedef std::vector< T >::reference Reference
 These are references to T, not to SplatPropertyT<T>.
typedef std::vector< T >
 These are used because a std::vector<bool>::reference is not the same as a reference to bool.

Public Member Functions

 SplatPropertyT (const PropertyHandleT< T > &_handle, unsigned int _num)
Reference data (int _idx)
 Access the data as reference.
ConstReference data (int _idx) const
 Access the data as const reference.
virtual size_t sizeOf () const
 Get the size of type.
virtual const std::type_info & typeId () const
 Get the runtime type information.

Private Member Functions

virtual ~SplatPropertyT ()
virtual SplatPropertyT< T > * clone () const
 Return a deep copy of this.
virtual void clear ()
 Clear the data vector.
virtual void pushback ()
 Add one element at the end of the data vector.
virtual void resize (unsigned int _num)
 Resize the data vector.
virtual void crop (const std::vector< int > &_indices)
 Keep only the elements with given indices in the data vector. The indices have to be valid, sorted and unique.
void operator= (const SplatPropertyT< T > &)
 Disallow the assign operator. (private and not implemented)

Private Attributes

std::vector< T > data_
 The actual stored data (one element per splat)


class SplatCloud
 Let class SplatCloud access methods like clone().

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class SplatCloud::SplatPropertyT< T >

Type specific class for splat-properties

Definition at line 299 of file SplatCloud.hh.

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