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StackWalker Class Reference


struct  CallstackEntry

Public Types

enum  StackWalkOptions {
  RetrieveNone = 0, RetrieveSymbol = 1, RetrieveLine = 2, RetrieveModuleInfo = 4,
  RetrieveFileVersion = 8, RetrieveVerbose = 0xF, SymBuildPath = 0x10, SymUseSymSrv = 0x20,
  SymAll = 0x30, OptionsAll = 0x3F
enum  { STACKWALK_MAX_NAMELEN = 1024 }
typedef enum
typedef BOOL(__stdcall * PReadProcessMemoryRoutine )(HANDLE hProcess, DWORD64 qwBaseAddress, PVOID lpBuffer, DWORD nSize, LPDWORD lpNumberOfBytesRead, LPVOID pUserData)

Public Member Functions

 StackWalker (int options=OptionsAll, LPCSTR szSymPath=NULL, DWORD dwProcessId=GetCurrentProcessId(), HANDLE hProcess=GetCurrentProcess())
 StackWalker (DWORD dwProcessId, HANDLE hProcess)
BOOL LoadModules ()
BOOL ShowCallstack (HANDLE hThread=GetCurrentThread(), const CONTEXT *context=NULL, PReadProcessMemoryRoutine readMemoryFunction=NULL, LPVOID pUserData=NULL)

Protected Types

enum  CallstackEntryType { firstEntry, nextEntry, lastEntry }
typedef struct

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnSymInit (LPCSTR szSearchPath, DWORD symOptions, LPCSTR szUserName)
virtual void OnLoadModule (LPCSTR img, LPCSTR mod, DWORD64 baseAddr, DWORD size, DWORD result, LPCSTR symType, LPCSTR pdbName, ULONGLONG fileVersion)
virtual void OnCallstackEntry (CallstackEntryType eType, CallstackEntry &entry)
virtual void OnDbgHelpErr (LPCSTR szFuncName, DWORD gle, DWORD64 addr)
virtual void OnOutput (LPCSTR szText)

Static Protected Member Functions

static BOOL __stdcall myReadProcMem (HANDLE hProcess, DWORD64 qwBaseAddress, PVOID lpBuffer, DWORD nSize, LPDWORD lpNumberOfBytesRead)

Protected Attributes

HANDLE m_hProcess
DWORD m_dwProcessId
BOOL m_modulesLoaded
LPSTR m_szSymPath
int m_options
int m_MaxRecursionCount
friend StackWalkerInternal

Private Member Functions

 StackWalker (const StackWalker &)
StackWalkeroperator= (const StackWalker &)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file StackWalker.hh.

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