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StatusbarInterface Class Reference

Control OpenFlippers status bar. More...

#include <OpenFlipper/BasePlugin/StatusbarInterface.hh>

Inheritance diagram for StatusbarInterface:
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virtual void showStatusMessage (QString _message, int _timeout=0)
 Show a message in the status bar. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual ~StatusbarInterface ()
void setStatus (ApplicationStatus::applicationStatus _status)
 Sets the status icon of the StatusBar. More...
void clearStatusMessage ()
 Removes the current message from the statusBar. More...
void addWidgetToStatusbar (QWidget *_widget)
 Add a widget on the right side of the statusBar. More...

Detailed Description

Control OpenFlippers status bar.

Detailed description
This interface can be used to send messages to OpenFlippers statusbar. It is also possible to add your own widget to the bar.

Definition at line 96 of file StatusbarInterface.hh.

Member Function Documentation

void StatusbarInterface::addWidgetToStatusbar ( QWidget *  _widget)

Add a widget on the right side of the statusBar.

Use this function if you want to add an additional widget to the statusbar. It will be added on the right side.

_widgetThe widget that should be added to the statusbar

Definition at line 136 of file StatusbarInterface.hh.

void StatusbarInterface::clearStatusMessage ( )

Removes the current message from the statusBar.

Definition at line 127 of file StatusbarInterface.hh.

void StatusbarInterface::setStatus ( ApplicationStatus::applicationStatus  _status)

Sets the status icon of the StatusBar.

OpenFlipper statusbar contains a small icon in the statusbar which can be used to indicate the current status of the application. The valid values are defined in the enum ApplicationStatus::applicationStatus.

_statusNew status

Definition at line 122 of file StatusbarInterface.hh.

virtual void StatusbarInterface::showStatusMessage ( QString  _message,
int  _timeout = 0 

Show a message in the status bar.

You can specify a timeout if the message should be removed after _timeout milliseconds

Definition at line 112 of file StatusbarInterface.hh.

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