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ACG::SceneGraph::OpenMesh::Attributes::StatusInfo Class Reference

#include <OpenMesh/Attributes/Status.hh>

Public Types

typedef unsigned int value_type

Public Member Functions

bool deleted () const
 is deleted ?
void set_deleted (bool _b)
 set deleted
bool locked () const
 is locked ?
void set_locked (bool _b)
 set locked
bool selected () const
 is selected ?
void set_selected (bool _b)
 set selected
bool hidden () const
 is hidden ?
void set_hidden (bool _b)
 set hidden
bool feature () const
 is feature ?
void set_feature (bool _b)
 set feature
bool tagged () const
 is tagged ?
void set_tagged (bool _b)
 set tagged
bool tagged2 () const
 is tagged2 ? This is just one more tag info.
void set_tagged2 (bool _b)
 set tagged
bool fixed_nonmanifold () const
 is fixed non-manifold ?
void set_fixed_nonmanifold (bool _b)
 set fixed non-manifold
unsigned int bits () const
 return whole status
void set_bits (unsigned int _bits)
 set whole status at once
bool is_bit_set (unsigned int _s) const
 is a certain bit set ?
void set_bit (unsigned int _s)
 set a certain bit
void unset_bit (unsigned int _s)
 unset a certain bit
void change_bit (unsigned int _s, bool _b)
 set or unset a certain bit

Private Attributes

value_type status_

Detailed Description

Add status information to a base class.

See also

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