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OpenMesh::ArrayKernel::StatusSetT< HandleT > Class Template Reference

— StatusSet API — More...

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Core/Mesh/ArrayKernel.hh>

Inheritance diagram for OpenMesh::ArrayKernel::StatusSetT< HandleT >:
OpenMesh::ArrayKernel::AutoStatusSetT< HandleT > OpenMesh::ArrayKernel::ExtStatusSetT< HandleT >

Public Types

typedef HandleT Handle

Public Member Functions

 StatusSetT (ArrayKernel &_kernel, const unsigned int _bit_mask)
bool is_in (Handle _hnd) const
void insert (Handle _hnd)
void erase (Handle _hnd)
size_t size () const
 Note: 0(n) complexity.
void clear ()
 Note: O(n) complexity.

Public Attributes

const unsigned int bit_mask_

Protected Attributes


Detailed Description

template<class HandleT>
class OpenMesh::ArrayKernel::StatusSetT< HandleT >

— StatusSet API —

Implements a set of connectivity entities (vertex, edge, face, halfedge) using the available bits in the corresponding mesh status field.

Status-based sets are much faster than std::set<> and equivalent in performance to std::vector<bool>, but much more convenient.

Definition at line 640 of file ArrayKernel.hh.

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