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Texture Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Texture (const Texture &_tex)
void filename (QString _name)
QString filename ()
void id (int _id)
int id ()
void glName (GLuint _glName)
GLuint glName ()
void name (QString _name)
QString name ()
void visibleName (QString _name)
QString visibleName ()
void dimension (uint _dimension)
uint dimension ()
void enabled (bool _enabled)
bool enabled ()
void enable ()
void disable ()
void hidden (bool _hidden)
bool hidden ()
void hide ()
void dirty (bool _dirty)
bool dirty ()
void clean ()
void setDirty ()
void textureImageId (int _id)
int textureImageId ()
void type (TextureType _type)
TextureType type ()
QString indexMappingProperty ()
void indexMappingProperty (QString _property)

Public Attributes

TexParameters parameters
 Parameters of the texture.
QStringList multiTextureList
 If this is a multiTexture, the list will contain all textures for this multi Texture node.

Private Attributes

QString name_
 Texture Name.
int textureImageId_
 The image used as the texture ( Ids are handled by the ImageStore )
QString visibleName_
 Name visible in the gui.
QString filename_
 Filename of the texture.
int id_
 Texture id.
GLuint glName_
uint dimension_
bool enabled_
bool hidden_
 Hidden flag ( If this texture belongs to a multitexture, it will be hidden in the context menu )
bool dirty_
 does this texture need an update?
TextureType type_
 Texture Type.
QString indexMappingProperty_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file TextureData.hh.

Member Data Documentation

QString Texture::indexMappingProperty_

If this is a multiTexture, indexMappingProperty_ will point to the property storing the mapping Defaults to the f:textureindex

Definition at line 191 of file TextureData.hh.

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