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ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::Texture Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::Texture:
ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::Texture1D ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::Texture2D ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::Texture3D ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::TextureBuffer

Public Member Functions

 Texture (GLenum tgt, GLenum _unit=GL_NONE)
void bind (GLenum _unit)
void activate (GLenum _unit)
void bind ()
void activate ()
void parameter (GLenum pname, GLint i)
void parameter (GLenum pname, GLfloat f)
void parameter (GLenum pname, GLint *ip)
void parameter (GLenum pname, GLfloat *fp)
void enable ()
void disable ()
void del ()
void gen ()
bool is_valid () const
GLuint id () const
void setUnit (GLenum u)
GLenum getUnit () const
GLenum getTarget () const
GLint getInternalFormat ()
bool clear (const ACG::Vec4f &_color)
bool clear (const ACG::Vec4i &_color)
bool clear (const ACG::Vec4ui &_color)
void bindAsImage (GLuint _index, GLenum _access)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool supportsImageLoadStore ()
static bool supportsTextureBuffer ()
static bool supportsClearTexture ()
static bool supportsGenerateMipmap ()

Protected Attributes

GLint internalFormat_

Private Attributes

GLenum target
GLenum unit
bool valid
GLuint texture

Detailed Description

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