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TreeNode< Mesh > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

typedef Mesh::FaceHandle Handle
typedef Mesh::Point Point
typedef Mesh::VertexHandle VertexHandle
typedef std::vector< Handle > Handles
typedef Handles::iterator HandleIter
typedef Point::value_type Scalar
typedef ACG::Geometry::PlaneT
< Scalar > 

Public Member Functions

 TreeNode (const Handles &_handles, TreeNode *_parent)
HandleIter begin ()
HandleIter end ()
size_t size () const
template<typename MeshT >
void visualizeTree (MeshT *_object, int _max_depth)
 This visualizes the bounding boxes.

Public Attributes

Handles handles_
Plane plane_
Point bb_min
Point bb_max

Private Member Functions

 TreeNode (const TreeNode &rhs)
TreeNodeoperator= (const TreeNode &rhs)

Detailed Description

template<class Mesh>
struct TreeNode< Mesh >

Definition at line 72 of file BSPTreeNode.hh.

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