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TriangleBSPT< BSPTraits > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for TriangleBSPT< BSPTraits >:
BSPImplT< TriangleBSPCoreT< BSPTraits > > TriangleBSPCoreT< BSPTraits >

Public Types

typedef BSPImplT
< TriangleBSPCoreT< BSPTraits > > 
typedef Base::Scalar Scalar
- Public Types inherited from BSPImplT< TriangleBSPCoreT< BSPTraits > >
typedef TriangleBSPCoreT
< BSPTraits >::Traits 
typedef TriangleBSPCoreT
< BSPTraits >::Handle 
typedef TriangleBSPCoreT
< BSPTraits >::Point 
typedef TriangleBSPCoreT
< BSPTraits >::Scalar 
typedef TriangleBSPCoreT
< BSPTraits >::Node 
typedef TriangleBSPCoreT
< BSPTraits >::Handles 
typedef TriangleBSPCoreT
< BSPTraits >::HandleIter 
typedef std::vector< std::pair
< Handle, Scalar > > 
 Store nearest neighbor information.
- Public Types inherited from TriangleBSPCoreT< BSPTraits >
typedef BSPTraits Traits
typedef BSPTraits::Point Point
typedef BSPTraits::Handle Handle
typedef BSPTraits::Node Node
typedef Point::value_type Scalar
typedef ACG::Geometry::PlaneT
< Scalar > 
typedef std::vector< Handle > Handles
typedef Handles::iterator HandleIter

Public Member Functions

 TriangleBSPT (const BSPTraits &_traits, const Scalar &_infinity=std::numeric_limits< Scalar >::infinity())
- Public Member Functions inherited from BSPImplT< TriangleBSPCoreT< BSPTraits > >
 BSPImplT (const Traits &_traits, const Scalar &_infinity=std::numeric_limits< Scalar >::infinity())
NearestNeighbor nearest (const Point &_p) const
 Return handle of the nearest neighbor face.
RayCollision raycollision (const Point &_p, const Point &_r) const
 intersect mesh with ray More...
RayCollision directionalRaycollision (const Point &_p, const Point &_r) const
 intersect mesh with ray More...
RayCollision nearestRaycollision (const Point &_p, const Point &_r) const
 intersect mesh with ray More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from TriangleBSPCoreT< BSPTraits >
 TriangleBSPCoreT (const BSPTraits &_traits)
 ~TriangleBSPCoreT ()
void reserve (size_t _n)
 Reserve memory for _n entries.
void push_back (Handle _h)
 Add a handle to the BSP.
bool empty ()
size_t size ()
void build (unsigned int _max_handles, unsigned int _max_depth)
template<typename MeshT >
void visualizeTree (MeshT *_object, int _max_depth)
 Create a PolyMesh object that visualizes the bounding boxes of the BSP tree. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from TriangleBSPCoreT< BSPTraits >
BSPTraits traits_
Handles handles_
Node * root_
int nodes
int n_triangles

Detailed Description

template<class BSPTraits>
class TriangleBSPT< BSPTraits >

Definition at line 73 of file TriangleBSPT.hh.

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