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ACG::MeshCompiler::VertexElementInput Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void getElementData (int _idx, void *_dst, const VertexElement *_desc) const
 read a vertex element

Public Attributes

char * internalBuf
 mem alloc if attribute buffer managed by this class
const char * data
int count

elements in buffer

int stride
 offset in bytes from one element to the next
int attrSize
 size in bytes of one attribute
GLuint fmt
 element data format
int elementSize
 number of ints/floats/bytes per element

Detailed Description

Definition at line 748 of file MeshCompiler.hh.

Member Data Documentation

const char* ACG::MeshCompiler::VertexElementInput::data

address to data input, will not be released by MeshCompiler

  • may be an external address provided by user of class

Definition at line 759 of file MeshCompiler.hh.

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