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OpenVolumeMesh::VertexOHalfEdgeIter Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for OpenVolumeMesh::VertexOHalfEdgeIter:
OpenVolumeMesh::BaseCirculator< VertexHandle, HalfEdgeHandle > OpenVolumeMesh::BaseIterator< HalfEdgeHandle >

Public Types

typedef BaseCirculator
< VertexHandle, HalfEdgeHandle
- Public Types inherited from OpenVolumeMesh::BaseCirculator< VertexHandle, HalfEdgeHandle >
typedef BaseIterator
< HalfEdgeHandle
- Public Types inherited from OpenVolumeMesh::BaseIterator< HalfEdgeHandle >
typedef int difference_type
typedef const HalfEdgeHandle value_type
typedef const HalfEdgeHandlepointer
typedef const HalfEdgeHandlereference

Public Member Functions

 VertexOHalfEdgeIter (const VertexHandle &_vIdx, const TopologyKernel *_mesh, int _max_laps=1)
VertexOHalfEdgeIter operator++ (int)
VertexOHalfEdgeIter operator-- (int)
VertexOHalfEdgeIter operator+ (int _n)
VertexOHalfEdgeIter operator- (int _n)
VertexOHalfEdgeIteroperator+= (int _n)
VertexOHalfEdgeIteroperator-= (int _n)
VertexOHalfEdgeIteroperator++ ()
VertexOHalfEdgeIteroperator-- ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenVolumeMesh::BaseCirculator< VertexHandle, HalfEdgeHandle >
 BaseCirculator (const TopologyKernel *_mesh, const VertexHandle &_ih, const HalfEdgeHandle &_oh, int _max_laps=1)
 BaseCirculator (const TopologyKernel *_mesh, const VertexHandle &_ih, int _max_laps=1)
bool operator== (const BaseCirculator &_c) const
bool operator!= (const BaseCirculator &_c) const
bool operator< (const BaseCirculator &_c) const
BaseCirculatoroperator= (const BaseCirculator &_c)
const VertexHandleref_handle () const
void lap (int _lap)
int lap () const
void max_laps (int _max_laps)
int max_laps () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenVolumeMesh::BaseIterator< HalfEdgeHandle >
 BaseIterator (const TopologyKernel *_mesh, const HalfEdgeHandle &_ch)
 BaseIterator (const TopologyKernel *_mesh)
bool operator== (const BaseIterator &_c) const
bool operator!= (const BaseIterator &_c) const
pointer operator-> () const
reference operator* () const
bool operator< (const BaseIterator &_c) const
BaseIteratoroperator= (const BaseIterator &_c)
 operator bool () const
void valid (bool _valid)
bool valid () const
void cur_handle (const HalfEdgeHandle &_h)
reference cur_handle () const
const TopologyKernelmesh () const

Private Attributes

size_t cur_index_

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenVolumeMesh::BaseCirculator< VertexHandle, HalfEdgeHandle >
int lap_
int max_laps_
VertexHandle ref_handle_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 215 of file Iterators.hh.

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