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OpenMesh::VDPM::VHierarchyNode Class Reference

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Tools/VDPM/VHierarchyNode.hh>

Public Member Functions

bool is_root () const
 Returns true, if node is root else false.
bool is_leaf () const
 Returns true, if node is leaf else false.
VHierarchyNodeHandle parent_handle ()
 Returns parent handle.
VHierarchyNodeHandle lchild_handle ()
 Returns handle to left child.
VHierarchyNodeHandle rchild_handle ()
 Returns handle to right child.
void set_parent_handle (VHierarchyNodeHandle _parent_handle)
void set_children_handle (VHierarchyNodeHandle _lchild_handle)
VertexHandle vertex_handle () const
float radius () const
const OpenMesh::Vec3fnormal () const
float sin_square () const
float mue_square () const
float sigma_square () const
void set_vertex_handle (OpenMesh::VertexHandle _vh)
void set_radius (float _radius)
void set_normal (const OpenMesh::Vec3f &_normal)
void set_sin_square (float _sin_square)
void set_mue_square (float _mue_square)
void set_sigma_square (float _sigma_square)
void set_semi_angle (float _semi_angle)
void set_mue (float _mue)
void set_sigma (float _sigma)
const VHierarchyNodeIndexnode_index () const
const VHierarchyNodeIndexfund_lcut_index () const
const VHierarchyNodeIndexfund_rcut_index () const
VHierarchyNodeIndexnode_index ()
VHierarchyNodeIndexfund_lcut_index ()
VHierarchyNodeIndexfund_rcut_index ()
void set_index (const VHierarchyNodeIndex &_node_index)
void set_fund_lcut (const VHierarchyNodeIndex &_node_index)
void set_fund_rcut (const VHierarchyNodeIndex &_node_index)

Private Attributes

VertexHandle vh_
float radius_
Vec3f normal_
float sin_square_
float mue_square_
float sigma_square_
VHierarchyNodeHandle parent_handle_
VHierarchyNodeHandle lchild_handle_
VHierarchyNodeIndex node_index_
VHierarchyNodeIndex fund_cut_node_index_ [2]

Detailed Description

Vertex hierarchy node

Complete documentation

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