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OpenMesh::VDPM::VHierarchyWindow Class Reference

#include <libs_required/OpenMesh/src/OpenMesh/Tools/VDPM/VHierarchyWindow.hh>

Public Member Functions

 VHierarchyWindow (VHierarchy &_vhierarchy)
void set_vertex_hierarchy (VHierarchy &_vhierarchy)
void begin ()
void next ()
bool end ()
int window_size () const
size_t buffer_size () const
VHierarchyNodeHandle node_handle ()
void activate (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle)
void inactivate (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle)
bool is_active (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle) const
void init (VHierarchyNodeHandleContainer &_roots)
void update_with_vsplit (VHierarchyNodeHandle _parent_handle)
void update_with_ecol (VHierarchyNodeHandle _parent_handle)

Private Member Functions

unsigned char flag8 (unsigned char n_shift) const
unsigned char flag8 (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle) const
int byte_idx (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle) const
int buffer_idx (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle) const
bool before_window (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle) const
bool after_window (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle) const
bool underflow (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle) const
bool overflow (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle) const
bool update_buffer (VHierarchyNodeHandle _node_handle)

Private Attributes

unsigned char * buffer_
int buffer_min_
size_t buffer_max_
int current_pos_
int window_min_
int window_max_
unsigned char n_shift_

Detailed Description

VHierarchyWindow documentation

Definition at line 77 of file VHierarchyWindow.hh.

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