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VSI::WayFind Class Reference

#include <Plugin-VSI/scene/wayfind.hh>


class  Node

Public Member Functions

 WayFind (GraphicsScene *_scene)
 ~WayFind ()
QPolygonF findWay (Connection *_conn, QPoint _from, QPoint _to)
 Finds a way from _from to _to ignoring any already existent connections from _conn.

Private Member Functions

QPoint validPos (unsigned int _dir, int _step, QPoint _pnt)
int heuristicDistance (const QPoint &_from, const QPoint &_to) const
void cleanup ()

Private Attributes

unsigned int counter_
QLinkedList< Node * > nodes_
QHash< QPair< int, int >, Node * > map_
QPoint oldFrom_
QRegion oldReg_

Detailed Description

A-Star way finding implementation with dynamic growing area

Definition at line 70 of file wayfind.hh.

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