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MeshNavigationT.hh File Reference

Functions for getting information about a mesh. More...

#include <vector>

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template<typename MeshT >
MeshT::HalfedgeHandle MeshNavigation::opposite_halfedge (MeshT &_mesh, typename MeshT::HalfedgeHandle _he)
template<typename MeshT >
MeshT::VertexHandle MeshNavigation::findClosestBoundary (MeshT *_mesh, typename MeshT::VertexHandle _vh)

Detailed Description

Functions for getting information about a mesh.

Functions for Navigation on a Mesh.

Definition in file MeshNavigationT.hh.

Function Documentation

template<typename MeshT >
MeshT::HalfedgeHandle MeshNavigation::opposite_halfedge ( MeshT &  _mesh,
typename MeshT::HalfedgeHandle  _he 

For Valence 6 Vertices Only!! iterates 3 Halfedges around from Vertex of _he. Returns the he on the other side

_heOutgoing halfedge of Vertex to iterate around
Halfedge on the opposite side

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