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PolyMesh.hh File Reference
#include <ObjectTypes/MeshObject/MeshObjectT.hh>
#include <ObjectTypes/PolyMesh/PolyMeshTypes.hh>
#include <ObjectTypes/PolyMesh/PluginFunctionsPolyMesh.hh>

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class  PolyMeshObject
 Type for a Meshobject containing a poly mesh. More...


#define DATA_POLY_MESH   typeId("PolyMesh")

Detailed Description

This File contains all required includes for using Polygon Meshes

Definition in file PolyMesh.hh.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DATA_POLY_MESH   typeId("PolyMesh")

Use this macro to reference polygonal meshes.

Definition at line 65 of file PolyMesh.hh.