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PluginFunctionsSplatCloud.hh File Reference

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bool PluginFunctions::getObject (int _identifier, SplatCloudObject *&_object)
ShaderNodePluginFunctions::splatShaderNode (BaseObjectData *_object)
 Get a ShaderNode from an object. More...
SplatCloudNodePluginFunctions::splatCloudNode (BaseObjectData *_object)
 Get a SplatCloudNode from an object. More...
SplatCloudPluginFunctions::splatCloud (BaseObjectData *_object)
 Get a SplatCloud from an object. More...
SplatCloudObjectPluginFunctions::splatCloudObject (BaseObjectData *_object)
 Cast an SplatCloudObject to a SplatCloudObject if possible. More...
SplatCloudObjectPluginFunctions::splatCloudObject (int _objectId)
 Get an SplatCloudObject by its id. More...

Detailed Description

This file contains functions which can be used by plugins to access splat clouds in the framework

Definition in file PluginFunctionsSplatCloud.hh.