OpenMesh::DefaultTraits Class Reference

Base class for all traits. More...

#include <OpenMesh/Mesh/Traits.hh>

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Public Types

enum  { VertexAttributes = 0 }
enum  { HalfedgeAttributes = Attributes::PrevHalfedge }
enum  { EdgeAttributes = 0 }
enum  { FaceAttributes = 0 }
typedef Vec3f Point
 The default coordinate type is OpenMesh::Vec3f.
typedef Vec3f Normal
 The default normal type is OpenMesh::Vec3f.
typedef float TexCoord1D
 The default 1D texture coordinate type is float.
typedef Vec2f TexCoord2D
 The default 2D texture coordinate type is OpenMesh::Vec2f.
typedef Vec3f TexCoord3D
 The default 3D texture coordinate type is OpenMesh::Vec3f.
typedef int TextureIndex
 The default texture index type.
typedef Vec3uc Color
 The default color type is OpenMesh::Vec3uc.

Detailed Description

Base class for all traits.

All user traits should be derived from this class. You may enrich all basic items by additional properties or define one or more of the types Point, Normal, TexCoord, or Color.

See also
The Mesh docu section on Specifying your MyMesh.
Traits.hh for a list of macros for traits classes.

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