OpenMesh::Smoother::LaplaceSmootherT< Mesh > Class Template Reference

Laplacian Smoothing. More...

#include <OpenMesh/Tools/Smoother/LaplaceSmootherT.hh>

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Public Types

typedef SmootherT< Mesh >::Component Component
typedef SmootherT< Mesh >::Continuity Continuity
typedef SmootherT< Mesh >::Scalar Scalar
typedef SmootherT< Mesh >::VertexHandle VertexHandle
typedef SmootherT< Mesh >::EdgeHandle EdgeHandle
- Public Types inherited from OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT< Mesh >
enum  Component { Tangential, Normal, Tangential_and_Normal }
enum  Continuity { C0, C1, C2 }
typedef Mesh::Scalar Scalar
typedef Mesh::Point Point
typedef Mesh::Normal NormalType
typedef Mesh::VertexHandle VertexHandle
typedef Mesh::EdgeHandle EdgeHandle

Public Member Functions

 LaplaceSmootherT (Mesh &_mesh)
void initialize (Component _comp, Continuity _cont)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT< Mesh >
 SmootherT (Mesh &_mesh)
 constructor & destructor More...
void initialize (Component _comp, Continuity _cont)
 Initialize smoother. More...
virtual void smooth (unsigned int _n)
 Do _n smoothing iterations.
void set_relative_local_error (Scalar _err)
 Set local error relative to bounding box. More...
void set_absolute_local_error (Scalar _err)
 Set local error as an absolute value. More...
void disable_local_error_check ()
 Disable error control of the smoother. More...
void skip_features (bool _state)
 enable or disable feature handling More...

Protected Member Functions

Scalar weight (VertexHandle _vh) const
Scalar weight (EdgeHandle _eh) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT< Mesh >
virtual void compute_new_positions_C0 ()=0
virtual void compute_new_positions_C1 ()=0
const Point & orig_position (VertexHandle _vh) const
const NormalType & orig_normal (VertexHandle _vh) const
const Point & new_position (VertexHandle _vh) const
void set_new_position (VertexHandle _vh, const Point &_p)
bool is_active (VertexHandle _vh) const
Component component () const
Continuity continuity () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenMesh::Smoother::SmootherT< Mesh >
Mesh & mesh_
bool skip_features_

Detailed Description

template<class Mesh>
class OpenMesh::Smoother::LaplaceSmootherT< Mesh >

Laplacian Smoothing.

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