OpenMesh::Decimater::ModHausdorffT< MeshT > Class Template Reference

Use Hausdorff distance to control decimation. More...

#include <OpenMesh/Tools/Decimater/ModHausdorffT.hh>

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Public Types

typedef ModHausdorffT< MeshT > Self
typedef OpenMesh::Decimater::ModHandleT< SelfHandle
typedef OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT > Base
typedef Base::Mesh Mesh
typedef Base::CollapseInfo CollapseInfo
typedef Mesh::Scalar Scalar
typedef Mesh::Point Point
typedef Mesh::FaceHandle FaceHandle
typedef std::vector< Point > Points
- Public Types inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
typedef MeshT Mesh
typedef CollapseInfoT< MeshT > CollapseInfo

Public Member Functions

virtual const std::string & name () const
 Set module's name (using DECIMATER_MODNAME macro)
 ModHausdorffT (MeshT &_mesh, Scalar _error_tolerance=FLT_MAX)
 ~ModHausdorffT ()
Scalar tolerance () const
 get max error tolerance
void set_tolerance (Scalar _e)
 set max error tolerance
virtual void initialize ()
 reset per-face point lists
virtual float collapse_priority (const CollapseInfo &_ci)
 compute Hausdorff error for one-ring More...
virtual void postprocess_collapse (const CollapseInfo &_ci)
 re-distribute points
void set_error_tolerance_factor (double _factor)
 set the percentage of tolerance
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
virtual ~ModBaseT ()
 Virtual desctructor.
bool is_binary (void) const
 Returns true if criteria returns a binary value.
void set_binary (bool _b)
 Set whether module is binary or not.
virtual void preprocess_collapse (const CollapseInfoT< MeshT > &)
 Before _from_vh has been collapsed into _to_vh, this method will be called.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
 ModBaseT (MeshT &_mesh, bool _is_binary)
 Default constructor. More...
MeshT & mesh ()
 Access the mesh associated with the decimater.
- Protected Attributes inherited from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >
double error_tolerance_factor_

Detailed Description

template<class MeshT>
class OpenMesh::Decimater::ModHausdorffT< MeshT >

Use Hausdorff distance to control decimation.

This module computes the aspect ratio.

In binary mode, the collapse is legal if:

  • The distance after the collapse is lower than the given tolerance

No continuous mode

Member Function Documentation

template<class MeshT >
float OpenMesh::Decimater::ModHausdorffT< MeshT >::collapse_priority ( const CollapseInfo _ci)

compute Hausdorff error for one-ring

This mod only allows collapses if the Hausdorff distance after a collapse is lower than the given tolerance.

_ciCollapse info data
Binary return, if collapse is legal or illegal

Reimplemented from OpenMesh::Decimater::ModBaseT< MeshT >.

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