OpenMesh::Decimater::Observer Class Referenceabstract

Observer class. More...

#include <OpenMesh/Tools/Decimater/Observer.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Observer (size_t _notificationInterval)
 Create an observer. More...
virtual ~Observer ()
size_t get_interval () const
 Get the interval between notification steps.
void set_interval (size_t _notificationInterval)
 Set the interval between notification steps.
virtual void notify (size_t _step)=0
 callback More...
virtual bool abort () const
 Abort callback. More...

Detailed Description

Observer class.

Observers can be used to monitor the progress of the decimation and to abort it in between.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OpenMesh::Decimater::Observer::Observer ( size_t  _notificationInterval)

Create an observer.

_notificationIntervalInterval of decimation steps between notifications.

Member Function Documentation

bool OpenMesh::Decimater::Observer::abort ( ) const

Abort callback.

After each notification, this function is called by the decimater. If the function returns true, the decimater will stop at a consistent state. Otherwise it will continue.

abort Yes or No
virtual void OpenMesh::Decimater::Observer::notify ( size_t  _step)
pure virtual


This function has to be overloaded. It will be called regularly during the decimation process and will return the current step.

_stepCurrent step of the decimater

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