OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::RuleHandleT< R > Struct Template Reference

Handle template for adaptive composite subdividion rules. More...

#include <OpenMesh/Tools/Subdivider/Adaptive/Composite/RuleInterfaceT.hh>

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Public Types

typedef R Rule

Public Member Functions

 RuleHandleT (int _idx=-1)
 operator bool () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenMesh::BaseHandle
 BaseHandle (int _idx=-1)
int idx () const
 Get the underlying index of this handle.
bool is_valid () const
 The handle is valid iff the index is not equal to -1.
void reset ()
 reset handle to be invalid
void invalidate ()
 reset handle to be invalid
bool operator== (const BaseHandle &_rhs) const
bool operator!= (const BaseHandle &_rhs) const
bool operator< (const BaseHandle &_rhs) const
void __increment ()
void __decrement ()
void __increment (int amount)
void __decrement (int amount)

Detailed Description

template<typename R>
struct OpenMesh::Subdivider::Adaptive::RuleHandleT< R >

Handle template for adaptive composite subdividion rules.

Use typed handle of a rule, e.g. Tvv3<MyMesh>::Handle.

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