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PluginFunctions::BaseObjectIterator Class Reference

Core Data Iterator used to iterate over all objects (Including groups) More...

#include <OpenFlipper/BasePlugin/PluginFunctions.hh>

Public Types

typedef BaseObject value_type
 type of the Objects the iterator works on
typedef BaseObjectvalue_handle
 handle type (just an int)
typedef value_typereference
 reference type
typedef value_typepointer
 basic pointer type

Public Member Functions

 BaseObjectIterator (IteratorRestriction _restriction=ALL_OBJECTS, DataType _dataType=DATA_ALL)
 Use this constructor for iterating through your data. More...
 BaseObjectIterator (BaseObject *pos, IteratorRestriction _restriction=ALL_OBJECTS, DataType _dataType=DATA_ALL)
 additional constructor starting at a given position
 operator value_handle ()
 return the current position of the iterator
bool operator== (const BaseObjectIterator &_rhs)
 compare iterators
bool operator!= (const BaseObjectIterator &_rhs)
 compare iterators
BaseObjectIteratoroperator= (const BaseObjectIterator &_rhs)
 assign iterators
pointer operator-> ()
BaseObjectIteratoroperator++ ()
 next element
BaseObjectIteratoroperator-- ()
 last element
BaseObjectoperator* ()
 dereference the iterator More...
BaseObjectindex ()
 return current position of the iterator

Private Attributes

 current position of the iterator
DataType dataType_
 returned data types of the iterator
IteratorRestriction restriction_
 Restriction of the iterator.

Detailed Description

Core Data Iterator used to iterate over all objects (Including groups)

This iterator is a more low level one not only returning really visible objects but also Data containers ( e.g. groups... ) You can choose if the iterator returns only Target, Source or all objects.
Additionally you can set the type of objects returned by the iterator.

Definition at line 686 of file PluginFunctions.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PluginFunctions::BaseObjectIterator::BaseObjectIterator ( IteratorRestriction  _restriction = ALL_OBJECTS,
DataType  _dataType = DATA_ALL 

Use this constructor for iterating through your data.

_restrictionUse this parameter to define which objects will be returned.
_dataTypeUse this parameter to select the returned object types. You can use DATA_ALL DATA_POLY_MESH DATA_TRIANGLE_MESH DATA_VOLUME

Definition at line 66 of file

Member Function Documentation

BaseObject * PluginFunctions::BaseObjectIterator::operator* ( )

dereference the iterator

This operator returns a pointer to the current object the iterator points to.

Pointer to the current ObjectData

Definition at line 190 of file

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