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ACG::ColorGenerator Class Referenceabstract

#include <ACG/Utils/ColorGenerator.hh>

Inheritance diagram for ACG::ColorGenerator:
ACG::HaltonColors ACG::HuePartitioningColors

Public Member Functions

virtual Vec4f generateNextColor ()=0
template<class OUTPUT_ITERATOR >
void generateNextNColors (int n, OUTPUT_ITERATOR oit)

Detailed Description

The ColorGenerator interface provides a generic interface for color generators with different strategies.

Definition at line 62 of file ColorGenerator.hh.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Vec4f ACG::ColorGenerator::generateNextColor ( )
pure virtual
A new color.

Implemented in ACG::HaltonColors, and ACG::HuePartitioningColors.

template<class OUTPUT_ITERATOR >
void ACG::ColorGenerator::generateNextNColors ( int  n,

Put a bunch of colors into the output iterator.

Generates the same colors as if calling generateNextColor() n times.

Typically, you would use std::back_inserter(container) as the argument for oit.

nHow many colors to generate.
oitAn output iterator. Should support "*oit++ = <Vec4f>;".

Definition at line 85 of file ColorGenerator.hh.

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