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ACG::HuePartitioningColors Class Reference

#include <ACG/Utils/HuePartitioningColors.hh>

Inheritance diagram for ACG::HuePartitioningColors:

Public Member Functions

 HuePartitioningColors (float _alpha=1.0f, float _baseHue=0.5694f)
virtual Vec4f generateNextColor ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACG::ColorGenerator
template<class OUTPUT_ITERATOR >
void generateNextNColors (int n, OUTPUT_ITERATOR oit)

Static Public Member Functions

template<class OUTPUT_ITERATOR >
static void generateNColors (int n, OUTPUT_ITERATOR oit)

Private Attributes

int currentSubdiv_
int currentIt_
int currentTriadIt_
float alpha_
float baseHue_
const float defaultSaturation_
const float defaultValue_

Detailed Description

The HuePartitioningColors generator tries to generate a set of well distinguishable and esthetically somewhat pleasing colors.

Note that it intentionally behaves totally deterministic. (Because reproducibility rocks.)

Definition at line 66 of file HuePartitioningColors.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ACG::HuePartitioningColors::HuePartitioningColors ( float  _alpha = 1.0f,
float  _baseHue = 0.5694f 


_alphaThe alpha value for all the colors.
_baseHueThe HSV-hue from which to start. This is the hue of the first requested color. Default is an utterly delighting shade of blue awesomeness.

Definition at line 59 of file

Member Function Documentation

template<class OUTPUT_ITERATOR >
static void ACG::HuePartitioningColors::generateNColors ( int  n,

Convenience method if you just need a bunch of colors and don't need to instantiate a ColorGenerator.

See description of generateNextNColors() for details.

Definition at line 93 of file HuePartitioningColors.hh.

Vec4f ACG::HuePartitioningColors::generateNextColor ( )
A new color.

Implements ACG::ColorGenerator.

Definition at line 72 of file

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