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VSI::Element Class Reference

#include <Plugin-VSI/parser/element.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Element (Context *_context, QString _name)
 ~Element ()
Contextcontext () const
 Context of element.
QString name () const
 Element name.
const QString & category () const
 Element category.
const QString & shortDescription () const
 Short description.
const QString & longDescription () const
 Long description.
const QVector< Input * > & inputs () const
const QVector< Output * > & outputs () const
const QVector< Function * > & functions () const
InputdataIn ()
 Scenegraph input.
OutputdataOut ()
 Scenegraph output.
unsigned int flags () const
QString precode () const
 Precode segment.
QString code () const
 Code segment.
unsigned int getNewId ()
 Returns an unused id number.
void setMinId (unsigned int _id)
 sets the minimum for an unused id

Private Attributes

QString name_
QString category_
QString shortDesc_
QString longDesc_
QString precode_
QString code_
QVector< Input * > inputs_
QVector< Output * > outputs_
QVector< Function * > functions_
unsigned int flags_
unsigned int id_


class Context

Detailed Description

Class that represents an element of the visual scripting interface.

Definition at line 74 of file element.hh.

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