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VSI::Context Class Reference

#include <Plugin-VSI/parser/context.hh>

Public Member Functions

 Context (QScriptEngine *_engine)
 ~Context ()
void parse (QByteArray _xml)
 Parse xml content.
const QVector< Element * > & elements () const
 Returns all available elements.
QVector< Element * > elements (QString _category)
 Returns all available elements for a given category.
Elementelement (QString _name)
 Returns the element with a given name.
QStringList categories ()
 List of categories.
void registerType (Type *_type)
 Registers a supported datatype.
bool typeSupported (QString _type)
 Is the given type supported.
TypegetType (QString _type)
 Get type object for given type name.
bool canConvert (QString _type1, QString _type2)
 Can the given types be converted to each other.
QScriptEngine * scriptEngine ()
 Return script engine pointer.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool strToBool (QString _str)
 Converts the given string to bool.
static QString getXmlString (QXmlQuery &_xml, QString _expr, QString _default="")
 Gets the string of a xml query.

Private Member Functions

void parseElement (QXmlQuery &_xml)
InputparseInput (QXmlQuery &_xml, Element *_e)
OutputparseOutput (QXmlQuery &_xml, Element *_e)
FunctionparseFunction (QXmlQuery &_xml, Element *_e)
bool parseInOutBase (QXmlQuery &_xml, InOut *_io)

Private Attributes

QVector< Element * > elements_
QMap< QString, Type * > supportedTypes_
QList< Type * > types_
QScriptEngine * scriptEngine_

Detailed Description

Class holding all the informations / parsed xml metadata for the visual scripting interface

Definition at line 76 of file context.hh.

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