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GroupObject Class Reference

#include <OpenFlipper/common/GroupObject.hh>

Inheritance diagram for GroupObject:

Public Member Functions

 GroupObject (const GroupObject &_object)
 GroupObject (QString _groupName="Group", GroupObject *_parent=0)
virtual ~GroupObject ()
BaseObjectcopy ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
 BaseObject (const BaseObject &_object)
 BaseObject (BaseObject *_parent=0)
virtual void cleanup ()
virtual QString getObjectinfo ()
 Get all Info for the Object as a string.
virtual void printObjectInfo ()
 Print all information about the object.
void dumpTree ()
 Debugging function, writing the subtree to output.
int row () const
 get the row of this item from the parent
BaseObjectparent ()
 Get the parent item ( 0 if rootitem )
const BaseObjectparent () const
 get the row of this item from the parent
void setParent (BaseObject *_parent)
 Set the parent pointer.
BaseObjectchildExists (int _objectId)
 Check if the element exists in the subtree of this element.
BaseObjectchildExists (QString _name)
 Check if the element exists in the subtree of this element.
void appendChild (BaseObject *child)
 add a child to this node
BaseObjectchild (int row)
 return a child
int childCount () const
 get the number of children
void removeChild (BaseObject *_item)
 Remove a child from this object.
QList< BaseObject * > getLeafs ()
 get all leafes of the tree below this object ( These will be all visible objects )
void deleteSubtree ()
 delete the whole subtree below this item ( The item itself is not touched )
int group () const
bool isGroup () const
 Check if object is a group.
bool isInGroup (int _id) const
bool isInGroup (QString _name) const
std::vector< int > getGroupIds ()
QStringList getGroupNames ()
void setObjectData (QString _dataName, PerObjectData *_data)
void clearObjectData (QString _dataName)
 Clear the object data pointer ( this will not delete the object!! )
bool hasObjectData (QString _dataName)
 Checks if object data with given name is available.
PerObjectDataobjectData (QString _dataName)
 Returns the object data pointer.
void deleteData ()
 Delete all data attached to this object ( calls delete on each object )
int id () const
int persistentId () const
void persistentId (int _id)
bool dataType (DataType _type) const
DataType dataType () const
void setDataType (DataType _type)
bool target ()
void target (bool _target)
bool source ()
void source (bool _source)
bool flag (QString _flag)
void setFlag (QString _flag, bool _set)
QStringList flags ()
virtual bool visible ()
 return if object is visible
virtual void visible (bool _visible)
 Sets visiblity.
BaseObjectlast ()
BaseObjectnext ()
int level ()
void setFromFileName (const QString &_filename)
QString path () const
 return the path to the object ( defaults to "." if unset )
void setPath (const QString &_path)
 set the path to the object.
QString name () const
 return the name of the object. The name defaults to NONAME if unset.
virtual void setName (QString _name)
 path to the file from which the object is loaded ( defaults to "." )
QString filename () const
 return the filename of the object
void setFileName (const QString &_filename)
 set the filename for this object
QMap< QString, PerObjectData * > & getPerObjectDataMap ()
 get reference to map of all perObject Datas More...
QString & getCommentByKey (const QString &key)
 Get comment for the specified key. More...
const QString getCommentByKey (const QString &key) const
 Get comment for the specified key. More...
bool hasCommentForKey (const QString &key) const
bool hasComments () const
void clearComment (const QString &key)
 Get comment for the specified key. More...
void clearAllComments ()
 Get comment for the specified key. More...
const QMap< QString, QString > & getAllComments () const
const QString getAllCommentsFlat () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Signals inherited from BaseObject
void objectSelectionChanged (int _objectId)
void visibilityChanged (int _objectId)
void objectPropertiesChanged (int _objectId)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from BaseObject
static int NOOBJECT = -1
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
virtual void update (UpdateType _type=UPDATE_ALL)
 This function is called to update the object. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from BaseObject
bool visible_

Detailed Description

This class provides grouping functionality. Datacontrol normally manages grouping.

Definition at line 83 of file GroupObject.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GroupObject::GroupObject ( const GroupObject _object)

copy constructor

Definition at line 70 of file

GroupObject::GroupObject ( QString  _groupName = "Group",
GroupObject _parent = 0 


_groupNameName of the new Group object
_parentThe parent object of this object

Definition at line 77 of file

Member Function Documentation

BaseObject * GroupObject::copy ( )

return a full copy of this object. The object will not be a part of the object tree. This has to be done with the setParent() function.

Reimplemented from BaseObject.

Definition at line 88 of file

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