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LoadWidget Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for LoadWidget:

Public Slots

virtual void accept ()


void load (QString _filename, int _pluginID)
void loadFiles (QStringList _filenames, IdList _pluginIds)
void save (int _id, QString _filename, int _pluginID)
void save (IdList _ids, QString _filename, int _pluginID)

Public Member Functions

 LoadWidget (std::vector< fileTypes > &_supportedTypes, QWidget *parent=0)
 ~LoadWidget ()
int showLoad ()
 show Widget for loading Files
int showSave (int _id, QString _filename)
 show Widget for saving Files
int showSave (IdList _ids, QString _filename)
 show Widget for saving Files
bool validFilename ()
bool dirExists ()
 returns true, if the directory of the specified filename (user input via widget) exists

Private Slots

void slotSetPluginForExtension (QString _extension, int _pluginId)
void slotSetLoadFilters ()
 adjust load-filters to current datatype
void slotSetSaveFilters (DataType _type)
 adjust save-filters to current datatype

Private Member Functions

void loadFile ()
 find suitable plugin for loading current file
void saveFile ()
 find suitable plugin for saving current file

Private Attributes

IdList ids_
bool loadMode_
QStringList lastPaths
std::vector< fileTypes > & supportedTypes_
QCheckBox * optionsBox_
 checkbox for option displaying
std::map< QString, int > pluginForExtension_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file loadWidget.hh.

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