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MemInfoPlugin Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MemInfoPlugin:
BaseInterface LoggingInterface StatusbarInterface

Public Slots

QString version ()


void log (Logtype _type, QString _message)
void log (QString _message)
void addWidgetToStatusbar (QWidget *_widget)
- Signals inherited from BaseInterface
virtual void updateView ()
 Update current view in Main Application. More...
virtual void setSlotDescription (QString _slotName, QString _slotDescription, QStringList _parameters, QStringList _descriptions)
 Set a description for a public slot. More...
virtual void setRenderer (unsigned int _viewer, QString _rendererName)
 Set a renderer for the given viewer. More...
- Signals inherited from LoggingInterface
virtual void log (Logtype _type, QString _message)=0
virtual void log (QString _message)=0
- Signals inherited from StatusbarInterface
virtual void showStatusMessage (QString _message, int _timeout=0)
 Show a message in the status bar. More...

Public Member Functions

QString name ()
 Return a name for the plugin. More...
QString description ()
 Return a description of what the plugin is doing. More...

Private Slots

void initializePlugin ()
void pluginsInitialized ()
void nvidiaMemoryInfoUpdate ()
 Update statusbar with NVIDIA memory infos.
void cpuMemoryInfoUpdate ()
 Update statusbar with main memory infos.

Private Member Functions

void setProgressBarStyleSheet (QProgressBar *_bar)
 Sets the Qt Stylesheet for the progress bars.
- Private Member Functions inherited from BaseInterface
virtual void noguiSupported ()
virtual ~BaseInterface ()
virtual void blockScenegraphUpdates (bool _block)
 Tell the core to prevent scenegraph updates. More...
virtual void updatedObject (int _objectId)
 An object has been changed or added by this plugin. More...
virtual void updatedObject (int _identifier, const UpdateType &_type)
 An object has been changed or added by this plugin. More...
virtual void nodeVisibilityChanged (int _identifier)
 A scenegraph node has been shown or hidden. More...
virtual void getCurrentRenderer (unsigned int _viewer, QString &_rendererName)
 Get the current renderer for the given viewer. More...
- Private Member Functions inherited from LoggingInterface
virtual ~LoggingInterface ()
- Private Member Functions inherited from StatusbarInterface
virtual ~StatusbarInterface ()
void setStatus (ApplicationStatus::applicationStatus _status)
 Sets the status icon of the StatusBar. More...
void clearStatusMessage ()
 Removes the current message from the statusBar. More...
void addWidgetToStatusbar (QWidget *_widget)
 Add a widget on the right side of the statusBar. More...

Private Attributes

QProgressBar * gpuMemBar_
 Status bar for GPU memory.
QProgressBar * mainMemBar_
 Status bar for Main memory.
QTimer * updateTimer_
 Timer that triggers an update of the bars.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file MemInfo.hh.

Member Function Documentation

QString MemInfoPlugin::description ( )

Return a description of what the plugin is doing.

This function has to return a basic description of the plugin

Implements BaseInterface.

Definition at line 81 of file MemInfo.hh.

QString MemInfoPlugin::name ( )

Return a name for the plugin.

This Function has to return the name of the plugin.

Implements BaseInterface.

Definition at line 80 of file MemInfo.hh.

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