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ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerDefaultFaceInput Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerDefaultFaceInput:

Public Member Functions

 MeshCompilerDefaultFaceInput (int _numFaces, int _numIndices)
int getNumFaces () const
int getNumIndices () const
int getFaceSize (const int _faceID) const
int getSingleFaceAttr (const int _faceID, const int _faceCorner, const int _attrID) const
bool getFaceAttr (const int _faceID, const int _attrID, int *_out) const
void dbgWriteToObjFile (FILE *_file, int _posAttrID=0, int _normalAttrID=-1, int _texcAttrID=-1)
void setFaceData (int _faceID, int _size, int *_data, int _attrID=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerFaceInput
virtual int * getFaceAttr (const int _faceID, const int _attrID) const
virtual int getVertexAdjCount (const int _vertexID) const
virtual int getVertexAdjFace (const int _vertexID, const int _k) const

Protected Attributes

int numFaces_
int numIndices_
std::vector< int > faceOffset_
std::vector< int > faceSize_
std::vector< int > faceData_ [16]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 199 of file

Member Function Documentation

bool ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerDefaultFaceInput::getFaceAttr ( const int  _faceID,
const int  _attrID,
int *  _out 
) const

Get an index buffer of a face for a specific attribute channel.

_faceIDface index
_attrIDattribute channel
_outpointer to output buffer, use getFaceSize(_faceID) to get the size needed to store face data
true if successful, false otherwise

Reimplemented from ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerFaceInput.

int ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerDefaultFaceInput::getFaceSize ( const int  _faceID) const

Get number of vertices per face.

_faceIDface index

Implements ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerFaceInput.

Definition at line 208 of file

int ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerDefaultFaceInput::getNumIndices ( ) const

Get total number of indices in one attribute channel.

i.e. total number of position indices of the whole mesh

Implements ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerFaceInput.

Definition at line 206 of file

int ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerDefaultFaceInput::getSingleFaceAttr ( const int  _faceID,
const int  _faceCorner,
const int  _attrID 
) const

Get a single vertex-index entry of a face.

_faceIDface index
_faceCornervertex corner of the face
_attrIDattribute channel
index-data if successful, -1 otherwise

Reimplemented from ACG::SceneGraph::ACG::MeshCompilerFaceInput.

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