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OpenVolumeMesh::ResourceManager Class Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for OpenVolumeMesh::ResourceManager:
OpenVolumeMesh::TopologyKernel OpenVolumeMesh::HexahedralMeshTopologyKernel OpenVolumeMesh::TetrahedralMeshTopologyKernel

Public Types

typedef std::vector
< BaseProperty * > 

Public Member Functions

void resize_vprops (size_t _nv)
 Change size of stored vertex properties.
void resize_eprops (size_t _ne)
 Change size of stored edge properties.
void resize_fprops (size_t _nf)
 Change size of stored face properties.
void resize_cprops (size_t _nc)
 Change size of stored cell properties.
void clear_vertex_props ()
void clear_edge_props ()
void clear_halfedge_props ()
void clear_face_props ()
void clear_halfface_props ()
void clear_cell_props ()
void clear_mesh_props ()
virtual size_t n_vertices () const =0
 Get number of vertices in mesh.
virtual size_t n_edges () const =0
 Get number of edges in mesh.
virtual size_t n_halfedges () const =0
 Get number of halfedges in mesh.
virtual size_t n_faces () const =0
 Get number of faces in mesh.
virtual size_t n_halffaces () const =0
 Get number of halffaces in mesh.
virtual size_t n_cells () const =0
 Get number of cells in mesh.
template<class T >
VertexPropertyT< T > request_vertex_property (const std::string &_name=std::string(), const T _def=T())
template<class T >
EdgePropertyT< T > request_edge_property (const std::string &_name=std::string(), const T _def=T())
template<class T >
HalfEdgePropertyT< T > request_halfedge_property (const std::string &_name=std::string(), const T _def=T())
template<class T >
FacePropertyT< T > request_face_property (const std::string &_name=std::string(), const T _def=T())
template<class T >
HalfFacePropertyT< T > request_halfface_property (const std::string &_name=std::string(), const T _def=T())
template<class T >
CellPropertyT< T > request_cell_property (const std::string &_name=std::string(), const T _def=T())
template<class T >
MeshPropertyT< T > request_mesh_property (const std::string &_name=std::string(), const T _def=T())
size_t n_vertex_props () const
size_t n_edge_props () const
size_t n_halfedge_props () const
size_t n_face_props () const
size_t n_halfface_props () const
size_t n_cell_props () const
size_t n_mesh_props () const
template<class T >
void set_persistent (VertexPropertyT< T > &_prop, bool _flag=true)
template<class T >
void set_persistent (EdgePropertyT< T > &_prop, bool _flag=true)
template<class T >
void set_persistent (HalfEdgePropertyT< T > &_prop, bool _flag=true)
template<class T >
void set_persistent (FacePropertyT< T > &_prop, bool _flag=true)
template<class T >
void set_persistent (HalfFacePropertyT< T > &_prop, bool _flag=true)
template<class T >
void set_persistent (CellPropertyT< T > &_prop, bool _flag=true)
template<class T >
void set_persistent (MeshPropertyT< T > &_prop, bool _flag=true)
Properties::const_iterator vertex_props_begin () const
Properties::const_iterator vertex_props_end () const
Properties::const_iterator edge_props_begin () const
Properties::const_iterator edge_props_end () const
Properties::const_iterator halfedge_props_begin () const
Properties::const_iterator halfedge_props_end () const
Properties::const_iterator face_props_begin () const
Properties::const_iterator face_props_end () const
Properties::const_iterator halfface_props_begin () const
Properties::const_iterator halfface_props_end () const
Properties::const_iterator cell_props_begin () const
Properties::const_iterator cell_props_end () const
Properties::const_iterator mesh_props_begin () const
Properties::const_iterator mesh_props_end () const
template<class PropT >
bool vertex_property_exists (const std::string &_name) const
template<class PropT >
bool edge_property_exists (const std::string &_name) const
template<class PropT >
bool halfedge_property_exists (const std::string &_name) const
template<class PropT >
bool face_property_exists (const std::string &_name) const
template<class PropT >
bool halfface_property_exists (const std::string &_name) const
template<class PropT >
bool cell_property_exists (const std::string &_name) const
template<class PropT >
bool mesh_property_exists (const std::string &_name) const

Protected Member Functions

void vertex_deleted (const VertexHandle &_h)
void edge_deleted (const EdgeHandle &_h)
void face_deleted (const FaceHandle &_h)
void cell_deleted (const CellHandle &_h)
void swap_cell_properties (CellHandle _h1, CellHandle _h2)
void swap_face_properties (FaceHandle _h1, FaceHandle _h2)
void swap_halfface_properties (HalfFaceHandle _h1, HalfFaceHandle _h2)
void swap_edge_properties (EdgeHandle _h1, EdgeHandle _h2)
void swap_halfedge_properties (HalfEdgeHandle _h1, HalfEdgeHandle _h2)
void swap_vertex_properties (VertexHandle _h1, VertexHandle _h2)
template<typename PropIterator , typename Handle >
void swap_property_elements (PropIterator _begin, PropIterator _end, Handle _h1, Handle _h2)
void delete_multiple_vertex_props (const std::vector< bool > &_tags)
void delete_multiple_edge_props (const std::vector< bool > &_tags)
void delete_multiple_face_props (const std::vector< bool > &_tags)
void delete_multiple_cell_props (const std::vector< bool > &_tags)

Private Member Functions

void release_property (VertexPropHandle _handle)
void release_property (EdgePropHandle _handle)
void release_property (HalfEdgePropHandle _handle)
void release_property (FacePropHandle _handle)
void release_property (HalfFacePropHandle _handle)
void release_property (CellPropHandle _handle)
void release_property (MeshPropHandle _handle)
template<class FullPropT , class PropIterT >
bool property_exists (const PropIterT &_begin, const PropIterT &_end, const std::string &_name) const
template<class StdVecT >
void resize_props (StdVecT &_vec, size_t _n)
template<class StdVecT >
void entity_deleted (StdVecT &_vec, const OpenVolumeMeshHandle &_h)
template<class StdVecT >
void remove_property (StdVecT &_vec, size_t _idx)
template<class StdVecT , class PropT , class HandleT , class T >
PropT request_property (StdVecT &_vec, const std::string &_name, size_t _size, const T _def=T())
template<class PropT >
void set_persistentT (PropT &_prop, bool _flag)
template<class StdVecT >
void clearVec (StdVecT &_vec)

Private Attributes

Properties vertex_props_
Properties edge_props_
Properties halfedge_props_
Properties face_props_
Properties halfface_props_
Properties cell_props_
Properties mesh_props_


template<class PropT , class HandleT >
class PropertyPtr

Detailed Description

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