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SideArea Class Reference

#include <OpenFlipper/widgets/coreWidget/SideArea.hh>

Inheritance diagram for SideArea:

Public Member Functions

 SideArea (QWidget *_parent=0)
void addItem (QObject const *const _plugin, QWidget *_w, QString _name, QIcon *_icon=0, QWidget *_headerAreaWidget=0)
void clear ()
 clears the whole tool widget area
void expandAll ()
void expand (QWidget *sideElementWidget, bool expand)
void saveState (QSettings &_settings)
 returns the current state
void saveViewModeState (const QString &_viewMode)
 saves the active state of _viewMode
void restoreState (QSettings &_settings)
 restores the state
void restoreViewModeState (const QString &_viewMode)
 restores the active state of _viewMode
void setElementActive (QString _name, bool _active)
 set the active state of given element
void moveItemToPosition (const QString &_name, int _position)
 Move a toolbox widget to a given position.
void moveItemToPosition (QObject const *const _plugin, const QString &_name, int _position)
 Move a toolbox widget to a given position.
int getNumberOfWidgets () const
 Get number of widgets.
const QList< const QObject * > & plugins ()
 Get plugins in side area.
const QStringList & names ()
 Get item names.

Public Attributes

int lastPos_

Private Attributes

QVector< SideElement * > items_
QList< const QObject * > plugins_
QStringList itemNames_
QMap< QString, bool > sideElementState_
QVBoxLayout * layout_

Detailed Description

A widget that holds the different plugin tool widgets

Definition at line 80 of file SideArea.hh.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SideArea::SideArea ( QWidget *  _parent = 0)

Create a SideElement

_parentParent widget

Definition at line 60 of file

Member Function Documentation

void SideArea::addItem ( QObject const *const  _plugin,
QWidget *  _w,
QString  _name,
QIcon *  _icon = 0,
QWidget *  _headerAreaWidget = 0 

Adds a plugin tool widget

_pluginplugin corresponding to the widget
_wPlugin widget
_namePlugin name
_iconan icon

Definition at line 78 of file

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